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Why is it people always want A Beautiful, sexy, good looking person. 
It seems Intelligence   Kindness   natural beauty Doesn't matter anymore. All they want is good looks and no personality. 

Yes the truth is we need to be attracted to someones looks to like them in any other way,  but since when did we only need looks to like them. I know I can go for someone who has one nice thing, Just one thing that i find attractive but there personality finishes it all off like a deal breaker.

Why has the world become so vain, Why do people think its ok to call someone "ugly" and "not beautiful" because they are not that persons type?


  • You probably aren't the best damn looking person, but you don't get abused so its not ok to do it to others

  • everyone is beautiful to someone, in some way



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Posted on 10:08PM on Feb 18th, 2013
good one there........ Thats the world today for you! and its really getting out of hand. Am happy am not like that and YES! BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER
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