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I'm hard to put down into words so best thing would be to ask me questions. 

I am Emilie I am 18. I do beauty therapy at college, I also have done Level two diploma I.C.T. 
I am a Major Doctor who fan, I work At Luton Town Football Club. 
I am very very weird, I like to be sarcastic. I am not perfect sometimes I try not to judge a book by its cover but sometimes some people just give themselves away. 

I try to respect everyone I meet and am nice to them. I am the agony aunt of all my different friends groups and am always happy to help. My life is pretty messed up in some parts but I'm still alive and kicking. 
I live for tomorrow because you never know if its going to be good or bad, and if its bad you will always have tomorrow to look forward to. 

I have my own opinion and views they can be changed, I will not force my views and opinions on you but I am happy to debate them. I am a bitch when I want to be but a good friend when needed. 

I swear alot, Im annoying, I piss people off but I also have my good side. 

So Bitches, Feel free to add me, talk to me, read my shit. I always reply and if you don't like some things I have said feel free to discuss them with me! NO ONE IS MAKING YOU LOOK AT MY SHIT! 

Many thanks for reading, I hope to speak soon! ENJOYY

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