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I want to move out or end it all! and no one seems to give a fuck!

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The Ex

So Me and my Ex broke up about two and a half three years ago, I finally thought I was getting over him and he then decides to pop up and tell me HE LOVES ME! 

Is going back to the past a good idea especially after so long!? 

I wish he would let me move on, He hasn't had anyone since but I have. He reckons I'm the "one for him" 
IM 18 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I don't know what "the one" feels like, I don't think I want to.

But I want him! 
I can't make my mind up and I have told him I need time to think.. But what is a girl to do!?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Why is it people always want A Beautiful, sexy, good looking person. 
It seems Intelligence   Kindness   natural beauty Doesn't matter anymore. All they want is good looks and no personality. 

Yes the truth is we need to be attracted to someones looks to like them in any other way,  but since when did we only need looks to like them. I know I can go for someone who has one nice thing, Just one thing that i find attractive but there personality finishes it all off like a deal breaker.

Why has the world become so vain, Why do people think its ok to call someone "ugly" and "not beautiful" because they are not that persons type?


  • You probably aren't the best damn looking person, but you don't get abused so its not ok to do it to others

  • everyone is beautiful to someone, in some way



Me myself and I

I'm hard to put down into words so best thing would be to ask me questions. 

I am Emilie I am 18. I do beauty therapy at college, I also have done Level two diploma I.C.T. 
I am a Major Doctor who fan, I work At Luton Town Football Club. 
I am very very weird, I like to be sarcastic. I am not perfect sometimes I try not to judge a book by its cover but sometimes some people just give themselves away. 

I try to respect everyone I meet and am nice to them. I am the agony aunt of all my different friends groups and am always happy to help. My life is pretty messed up in some parts but I'm still alive and kicking. 
I live for tomorrow because you never know if its going to be good or bad, and if its bad you will always have tomorrow to look forward to. 

I have my own opinion and views they can be changed, I will not force my views and opinions on you but I am happy to debate them. I am a bitch when I want to be but a good friend when needed. 

I swear alot, Im annoying, I piss people off but I also have my good side. 

So Bitches, Feel free to add me, talk to me, read my shit. I always reply and if you don't like some things I have said feel free to discuss them with me! NO ONE IS MAKING YOU LOOK AT MY SHIT! 

Many thanks for reading, I hope to speak soon! ENJOYY

I will never be her!

I am a twin, Me and my sister are nothing alike, But I know she is prettier then me. 

I was bullied A LOT! so my self esteem is pretty low! People have asked why I'm not as pretty as her, or not more like her. I am Into rock and alternative, I like Doctor who and the big bang theory. She is more girly and into Geordie shore and stuff like that. 

She always tells me I'm pretty and not to worry about what people think, But I always feel like second best next to her. Sometimes I just wish I could be prettier I try hard and I have my days where I think I look ok. BUT I WILL NEVER BE HER, I have had ex boyfriends say if only I had her looks and my personality. 

It kills me sometimes, I don't want to be HER I want to be PRETTIER! 

Sometimes being nice isn't always the best.

 I Always try to be nice, No matter who the person is, even if they have hurt me I try my best to be nice. 

But people aren't always the same, they like to come to me when they feel like it, but not when I need someone. I hate it so much. I know I need to put my foot down sometimes and sometimes people don't deserve to be helped but I feel so guilty.

I just want to tell them to Feck off and sort there own problems out if they only want to use me! but I can't, I never can even when I need to! It even gets me down to know I let people walk all over me, they know I will do anything in my power to help but then use me and leave again. 


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